Refer trailers

In 1988 I was the first person to apply, what would later become, an Energy Star Cool Roof coating to the roof of a small fleet of refrigerated trailers.  They were owned by an ice company.  They strived to keep the interiors at 20º .  They had no luck doing that.

I coated the top and undercarriage of the first trailer.  It was empty and was 72º inside.  The lowest temperature anyone ever saw the trailer was 35º after being loaded the night before and the unit running all night long.   It was a 95 degree day and after coating the trailer, the refer was turned on, the interior was 72º.  90 minutes later the interior temperature was at 30º, this was 5º colder than anyone had ever seen it after running all night filled with ice.

After two days we were told it helped alot.  We were then told they were losing the bottom 2 layers of ice (10 bags) on eacg pallet.

This company would not sell wet ice and it was a loss.  After coating with Cerama-Tech, they advised me that not only did they not have any more loss of ice but they were also saving 7 gallons of fuel on the refer unit a week.  The owner then contracted with uis to do the tops and bottoms of his entire 15 truck fleet.

We coated the tops of the rest of the trucks.  The owner then asked us to delay the coating of the undercarriages of his fleet as he had the contract to supply ice to all the county fairs in California.  We agreed.

Once the fairs were fone he contacted us again and asked if he could not have us dio the rest of the contract as he did not need it;  he was losing no more ice on any trucks and was saving fuel on every truck,  We agreed.

My statement to our distributor at the time is below.

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